Island Drive

有朋友想打算一起合租2b1b的island drive吗 租期从2022 5月1到2023 5月1。(租期可以6月,7月或8月开始) 有样板房视频,房租一共$1425-1490. 打算把客厅也租出去,所以会便宜 大概($500/月。) 如果有人想和我一起合租的 私我

微信号:waver16 电话:1+7342638101

Any friends who want to share a new 2b1b island drive together? The lease period is from May 1, 2022, to May 1, 2023. (Jun, July, or August can be discussed to be the starting leasing period) There is a video of the model house, and the new rent is $1425-1490. I plan to rent out the living room, so it will be cheaper. ($500/month)  If anyone wants to share with me, CC me.
WeChat account: waver16 phone: 1+7342638101